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Title: CB40 Project build
Post by: BuNtEr on October 03, 2018, 09:25:31 PM
40 channel upgrade the CB40 project

Yes this is a upgrade for most 18ch radios am or SSB, from 02A, 858, 861, MB8719 PLL radios.

the idea is to build an alternative to the 18ch radios with people wanting 40ch, and added scan also, and will be easy to install.

Using an Arduino Pro Mini, and a custom board , a small OLED screen and a encoder, using custom programming, the programming file will not be given out to anyone.

The display shows Frequency and channel, the display as you can see in the 2nd photo is white, so it should come out well in radios that have colored tinted display windows.

this is for 40 channels only with scan, this will not have extra channels in it, if your want extra channels you can use the digimax from mac.

here are 2 photos of it one is in a 02A Phillips AM radio


This one shows the size of the OLED screen up against the 2x 7 segment  led readouts.


the cost is hoping to be as cheap as the original 40 channel switches used to be at DSE back in the 80s and 90s around the $25 mark.

Once i have more photos and info i will update this thread.
Title: Re: CB40 Project build
Post by: BuNtEr on October 03, 2018, 09:27:34 PM
update to the CB40 project

 the CB40 project has gone up a notch, 10 prototype boards came in yesterday.

things are looking good, these boards arnt for sale they will be used on a few radios with different PLL's to get things right before the mass order of the final look boards.

here is 2 photos

first one shows the size of the boards up against the size of a Washington 40ch switch and pcb, The arduino pro mini plugs into this custom board

other photo is the board sitting on top of a 18ch o2a switch, this is the board it will be using a small encoder rotary dial with push button.

these boards dont have scan in them the final boards will,



if you want out of band mods get a Digimax from Mac on ebay :)
Some words from the CB40 creator :)

Once the channel selector is removed you only need to wire up 6 wires to the solder pads or the PLL chip, connect ground and power and if you have scan connect the scan wire to your squelch circuit and you have 40 channels with scan.
Title: Re: CB40 Project build
Post by: BuNtEr on October 03, 2018, 09:29:15 PM
a new update for the CB40 project.

5 populated boards with Arduino pro mini's.

still some work i been told on the coding to be done.

first photo shows you 5 Prototype boards and one has a OLED screen fitted.

the 2nd photo showing one being tested.

more updates to come, getting closer to the finale stage, already some ideas of making the custom board smaller and some tweaks to it also.



Title: Re: CB40 Project build
Post by: BuNtEr on October 03, 2018, 09:34:41 PM
Another CB40 project update.

in this photo the red board is the new board, its been made smaller, in the photo you can see the red board on top of the last revision green board.

And you can see the blue Arduino pro mini sitting on the new CB40 board with a Tranny, no not one you see at the SHITNEY gay and lesbian mardi gras.

you can see the size difference, also a smaller OLED screen

Also the encoder board photo.

The board is 21.6x15.3mm and will hold the rotary encoder and has on board filtering and switch de bouncing.




Title: Re: CB40 Project build
Post by: BuNtEr on October 03, 2018, 09:37:04 PM
Another great update of the CB40 project, its almost ready for beta testing.

here are a few photos and a word from the Designer of the CB40 upgrade.

the CB40 scanning function is being worked on, 3 versions will be available though anyone with a channel readout above the channel selector is advised to go with the standard one and within the next few weeks samples will be sent out to our evaluation team to fix any possible bugs.

adding to that a version is being looked at for you who have analog channel readout cbs , ones with the channel dial not the channel readout. so you can keep the almost original look of the radio. test radios will be a HMV road hound TX77 (02A) and a Spartin (858).

at the moment it has been installed into Super sonic 747 18ch ssb cb, and if you know this radio, its a a weird radio only came out here in Australia as a 18ch.

Also in the photos 2 types of encoder shafts for the 2 different types like for 02A radios have a spline, and 858s have a D like shaft , these will be on a custom made Header board, the encoder on the right has the red custom header board.




Title: Re: CB40 Project build
Post by: BuNtEr on October 03, 2018, 09:38:08 PM
CB40 project update

first 100 boards ready to be assembled.

still a Little bit of fine tuning with the software and it should be good to go, its getting close to being ready.

pll info

It will have preset PLL setups for PLL02A, uPD858, uPD2812C, HD42851, LC7113, LC7131, MB8719, NDC40013, HD42851, SM5104, TC5080, TC5081, uPD2816, uPD2824, uPD816 Realistic, uPD861 Panasonic, uPD861 Superscope and manual control of Binary/BCD count up or down for radios with an odd NCode.


Title: Re: CB40 Project build
Post by: BuNtEr on October 03, 2018, 09:41:03 PM
Here is the CB40 being tested in a Super Cheetah.

this turned out great for it to be working in a radio that got a UPD2824 pll



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