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Title: Rules
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Welcome to CB Radio Times in Australia please read our rules and enjoy your time with us in the group.
Please if you don’t agree with the group rules, this group isn’t for you, please don’t join then read the rules the whinge about them in the group as it will get you help on your way out from this group by admin or moderators
Group Rules


Killjoys aren't allowed in this group, if your a killjoy leave this group now. anyone found to be a killjoy will removed and banned from the group. We think outside the box (we dont break the law or encourage anyone to), we aren’t sheep, so if your a by the book operator this group isn't for you and we dont need you here.

No Harassment:
Of other members, no posting of members or anyone’s home address or any of their private details. That includes phone numbers, email address etc. If you are unhappy with a person in the group, don’t vent it in the group keep it as a PM between you and the other party.
If for any reason you have been offended or vilified or abused by another member in the group and you have done your best to sort the problem out (personal disagreements between you and others by pm are no business of the group), please contact an admin/moderator, and we will do our best to help sort the problem out, we can’t always guarantee success but we will do our best.

No Spamming:
This means no posting of Popular Social Media Sites Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc group’s pages to gain members, no posting of GOFUNDME.com or Petition pages No eBay, or Gumtree adds.
With eBay you are allowed to post the item number of an eBay item for sale, YouTube is allowed as long as its CB radio related.

URLs are allowed for information of CB radio tech, like web sites with info on radios tech schematics and user manuals etc.

No posting of any Porn photos or Videos or Porn urls:
This means no porn urls no porn YouTube, and no porn photos, you will be warned once, if you continue to post porn after the first warning you will be banned from group.


All photos & videos of radios or QSL cards must be of  CB radios, NO PHOTOS of HAM radios, anything with a VFO is not permitted. Also NO linear’s , Amps, foot warmers. this includes No duel band radios like 2m-70cm mobiles or hand held’s, this means no Wouxun’s or Baofeng’s, NO MAINSTREAM HAM RADIOS.
We do allow export radios ,

Ham International
Gaxlay’s, Saturn ,ect
Intec aka bluebox
All Receivers & Scanners

I haven’t added every radio there is but you get the idea what we allow and what we don’t
Remember we have the eyes of the ACMA in the group, so if you don’t want a visit be careful of what you post up in the group. If you have a radio that goes out of band or has a slide or higher power than allowed its your call. (ACMA are in all cb and ham groups they use them as a tool to bust people)

Best thing to do if you post a photo of your radio, just make sure that its in band before you take the photo. Ie on a cb channel and not showing you outside the 40 or in-between channels, this isn’t a rule just advice and commonsense..

No Abuse towards Admins/Moderators
To start with the group Admins and Moderators are here to enjoy and help the group members, they do this for free and their free time, they don’t live on Facebook 24/7 they too have lives to live, and will help when they can and reply to your pms when they can.

If you abuse a admin or Moderator and are warned once and you continue to abuse admin or Moderators, you will be given a free life ban,

Allowed web sites/groups in the group:
CBDomain RADIO COMMUNICATIONS CLASSIFIEDS Razer Radios Acrem Any hamfests advertisements (good for Cbers to find CB stuff) Thanks Admin/moderators

====================Retro Radio DX Club=======================
We are also the home of the Retro Radio DX club, if you wish to become a member, download and read the latest Retro Radio DX Group XXth Edition.txt file, look in that files see if there is a number you wishing to use that’s not in the list, once you have done that message David Burke and let him know you would like to join and what RRXX number you would like to use.

We advice to use ch16 LSB as 35 LSB is a shitfight at the best of times to use.
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