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Title: CB40 Sale $25 plus shipping/postage
Post by: BuNtEr on October 22, 2018, 06:01:46 PM
CB40 kit Sale info

$25 plus shipping/postage
Contact Peter on this Email: cb40switch@tpg.com.au
tell him what your needing CB40 or CB40A or the CB40 done for a PC122 or ST901, hard wired, and give him your postcode so he can give you a price on postage.

Scan, up or down by the channel knob
Voltage Display (Real time 4 Digit)
Frequency Display (6 Digit)
Channel Display ( White Oled)

$25 (+ postage depending on location)
case (which is a half case protecting the Arduino because the top of the CB40 is your jumper connections), CB40,
OLED cable (4 pin),
Encoder cable (5 pin),
scan cable (3 pin),
power cable (2 pin),
white OLED 128x64 display,
EC11 rotary encoder.

Parts you will need to supply
Strong Double Sided tape
A few small Cable ties

Tools you will need to install the CB40
Phillips head screw driver
Soldering iron
Solder sucker
De-solder braid/wick
Wire Cutters
Hot melt glue gun and hot melt glue sticks

You must state if its for a PC122 or a Pearce Simpson ST901, or just a normal CB40 for all other radios, the CB40 for the 2 radios mentioned need to have all the wires hard wired instead of header pins due to the limited amount of space in these 2 radios.


Installed into a Uniden PC122

The Kit


No Warranty Given

CB40 will be tested and have the latest firmware at time of shipping


Title: Re: CB40 Sale $25 plus shipping/postage
Post by: BuNtEr on December 08, 2018, 10:35:18 PM
This is the CB40 thats for the PC122 notice its hard wired, so it will fit inside the radio.