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Title: CB40 v2 Sale $25 plus shipping/postage
Post by: BuNtEr on March 21, 2020, 03:13:43 PM
CB40 v2 kit Sale info

$25 plus shipping/postage in australia $8.95, for over seas please ask cost of shipping
Contact Peter on this Email: cb40switch@tpg.com.au
tell him what your needing CB40 v2 for
02A spindle shaft
Uniden D shaft
PC122 or ST901, these need to be hard wire

Scan, up or down by the channel knob
Voltage Display (Real time 4 Digit)
Frequency Display (6 Digit)
Channel Display ( White Oled)

CB40 v2
$25 (+ postage depending on location)
OLED cable (4 pin),
Encoder cable (5 pin),
scan cable (2 pin),
power cable (2 pin),
white OLED 128x64 display,
EC11 rotary encoder.

Addons for the kit 7 segment displays 3 and 2 digit

CB40 v2 LED Display ADDON

7 segment 3 digit displays
$15 AUD for red, green or yellow
$18 AUD for blue.

7 segment 2 digit displays
$15 AUD for red
The displays come with Cable and amtel board and spacer, please state what radio when ordering so you get the correct display spacer

Parts you will need to supply
Strong Double Sided tape
A few small Cable ties

Tools you will need to install the CB40
Phillips head screw driver
Soldering iron
Solder sucker
De-solder braid/wick
Wire Cutters
Hot melt glue gun and hot melt glue sticks

You must state if its for a PC122 or a Pearce Simpson ST901, or just a normal CB40 for all other radios, the CB40 for the 2 radios mentioned need to have all the wires hard wired instead of header pins due to the limited amount of space in these 2 radios.

The Kit


No Warranty Given

CB40 v2 will be tested and have the latest firmware at time of shipping

Here is a list of PLL's that will work with the CB40 v2, there are others we havent tested as yet that could work.

PLL02A - 1st Gen
uPD858 - SSB
uPD2812C - SSB
CB5479 - SHARP
LC7113 - SSB
LC7131 - SSB
MB8719 - 11.1125
MB8719 - 11.3258
NDC40013 - SSB
HD42851 - SSB
SM5104 - SSB
TC5080/81 SSB
uPD2816 - SSB
uPD2824 - SSB
uPD861 - Realistic
uPD861 - Panasonic
uPD861 - Superscope
Motorola - MC145106


Title: Re: CB40 v2 Sale $25 plus shipping/postage
Post by: BuNtEr on September 03, 2020, 04:20:11 PM
The extra 7 segment 3 digit and 2 digit displays and boards will be posted soon with prices, as these dont come standared in the CB40 v2 kit.