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CB40 V3 / CB40 v3 Prototype
« on: February 11, 2021, 05:29:15 PM »
Here is a sneak preview of the CB40v3 which is off to the fabricators to get some prototypes made. It has TX detect so will allow split channel/frequency, additional memory channels, support for color RGB OLED's, 7 Segment LED display support from 2-6 digits and a host of other things. The Atmel 328P in the v1/v2 has been replaced by the Atmel 1284P giving me 4 times memory to play with and add features. It is exactly the same size as the v2.

CB40 v2 / Re: CB40 v2 Sale $25 plus shipping/postage
« on: September 03, 2020, 04:20:11 PM »
The extra 7 segment 3 digit and 2 digit displays and boards will be posted soon with prices, as these dont come standared in the CB40 v2 kit.

NEWS AND UPDATES / New web site upgrade and speed upgrade to NBN
« on: September 02, 2020, 09:36:24 PM »
we now have some great speed upgraded to NBN so now faster then its old ADSL 2+ account we had

CB40A v1 & CB40A v2 / CB40A v2 Setup guides and firmware updates
« on: August 16, 2020, 11:51:36 AM »
This is the Setup guides for the Version 2 of the CB40A only

CB40 v2 / Re: CB40 v2 project
« on: July 06, 2020, 06:17:55 PM »

CB40 v2 / CB40 v2 project
« on: June 25, 2020, 10:47:41 PM »
This has been worked on hard by peter and its going to be awesome, this version can have 2 typed of displays the OLED or 3 7 segment display, so for you that want it to look as close to stock the 7 segment display if for you, or if you want to be different you can run both OLED and 7 segment displays at the same time.

the CB40 v2 kit dose not come with the 7 segment display, thats a add on you pay extra for.

i will add some photos and videos soon.

this Version of the CB40 is a kick ass upgrade, that nothing out there is better or can even come close, 100s of man hours has been put into not only the design but the Coding

CB40A v1 & CB40A v2 / CB40A v1 & CB40A v2
« on: May 02, 2020, 11:55:50 PM »
CB40A v1 & CB40A v2

The new CB40A v2 will work the same as the old v1 but better


OLED screen
PLL cable
Scan Cable
Power Cable
Encoder Cable
OLED cable

CB40 v1 has been discontinued, as the new CB40 v2  will soon be on sale in its place so keep an eye out for when the CB40 v2 will be on sale.

for you that own a CB40 v1 we are still here to help you with support if you need it.

its been a year from the birth of the CB40 and around 100 units have been sold, and it has been a success, so now its time to upgrade the CB40 with a new version known as CB40 v2, there has been a complete re design and more features.


OLED screen
PLL cable
Scan Cable
Power Cable
Encoder Cable
OLED cable

CB40 v2 / CB40 v2 FAQ
« on: March 21, 2020, 03:16:36 PM »
CB40 v2 FAQ
  • Q. Were do i go to buy one of these kits ?.
  • A. you can get one of the kits in 2 ways email or join Radio Communications Classifieds (Australia & New Zealand) on Facebook and by one from there.
  • Q. Will this work on a 40 channel radio ?.
  • A. Yes it will, it was designed to work as a replacement for all old 18 and 23  channel PLL radios.
  • Q. Will this work with my extra channels in my Radio ?.
  • A. NO the CB40 v2 will not work with a radio with extra channels.
  • Q. Can you re program the CB40 v2 for extra channels
  • A. The CB40 v2 has two modes, CB and Ham .
  • Q. is it Legal to install this into my radio.
  • A. Yes its all legal as it only gives you 40 channels, no channels out side of the 40 and no in between channels.
  • Q. I am not sure if im able to do his what the best thing to do ?.
  • A. If your not confident to do the install you can contact a tech to install it for you.
  • Q. Is it ok if i change the CB40 v2 Programming ?.
  • A. Its yours once you have paid for it you can do as you please, but any modifying of the CB40 v2 in any way will void any warranty it may have, your best not tampering with it, install it as its meant to and enjoy it.
  • Q. Will this work on an old Crystal 23 channel radio ?.
  • A. NO its been designed to work with PLL radios not crystal.
  • Q. Will this CB40 v2 work with an older radio without a led readout ?.
  • A. NO you will need the CB40A for that as it has all the parts needed to work on an old analog readout radio.
  • Q. What radio will this work in ?.
  • A. Meany radios in the 100s but the best way to correctly tell you is the PLL it will work with and they are (PLL02A, uPD858,  uPD861, HD42851, LC7113, LC7131, MB8719, NDC40013, SM5104, TC5080/81, uPD2812C, uPD2816, uPD2824 and any 6,7 or 8 bit Binary or BCD PLL's with normal 40 channel selector mapping (US FCC 40 channels) or sequential (for ROM PLL's) in either up or down count N Code from 0 to 511.)
  • Q. If i decide to return my radio back to stock can i install the CB40 v2 into another radio even if its not of the same pll ?.
  • A.Yes you can as long as the PLL is in the list of plls its design to work with.
  • Q. Will i have to modify my radio, cut the bezel or the framework behind it ?.
  • A. NO its designed to fit in behind or in front of were the 7 segment channel readout was.
  • Q. If i run into problems is there someone i can contact for help ?.
  • A. Yes if you have any problems you can contact help using this email address
  • Q. I have lost/misplaced my install PDF were can i get another copy ?.
  • A. Sorry to hear that, if you need a replacement install PDF you can download it from this link
  • Q. i Just got my CB40 v2 kit in the mail and some parts are missing who do i contact ?.
  • Q. Bugga, you can get in contact by using this email (
  • Q. What does the CB40 v2 DO ?.
  • A. The CB40 project, is aimed to upgrade the old 18 channel and 23 channel PLL radios am and sideband, and added extras are Scan, Frequency readout and real time Voltage.
  • Q. Will the screen work with radios with a red/green filter/Defuser ?.
  • A. No the OLED screen will not, but if you buy the 7 segment 3 digit or 2 digit displays from peter you will have no problems.
  • Q. Will this fit inside a GE B ?.
  • A. YES There is room inside the GE B to fit the CB40 v2.
  • Q. What other parts do i need to install the kit
  • A.
    • Parts you will need to supply
    • Strong Double Sided tape
    • A few small Cable ties
    • .
    • Tools you will need to install the CB40 v2
    • Phillips head screw driver
    • Soldering iron
    • Solder sucker
    • De-solder braid/wick
    • Wire Cutters
    • Solder
    • Multi Meter
    • Hot melt glue gun and glue stick

CB40 v2 / CB40 v2 Setup guides and firmware updates
« on: March 21, 2020, 03:14:55 PM »
CB40 v2 pin out diagram

How to use the firemware programmer for the CB40 v2.

CB40 v2 / CB40 v2 Sale $25 plus shipping/postage
« on: March 21, 2020, 03:13:43 PM »
CB40 v2 kit Sale info

$25 plus shipping/postage in australia $8.95, for over seas please ask cost of shipping
Contact Peter on this Email:
tell him what your needing CB40 v2 for
02A spindle shaft
Uniden D shaft
PC122 or ST901, these need to be hard wire

Scan, up or down by the channel knob
Voltage Display (Real time 4 Digit)
Frequency Display (6 Digit)
Channel Display ( White Oled)

CB40 v2
$25 (+ postage depending on location)
OLED cable (4 pin),
Encoder cable (5 pin),
scan cable (2 pin),
power cable (2 pin),
white OLED 128x64 display,
EC11 rotary encoder.

Addons for the kit 7 segment displays 3 and 2 digit

CB40 v2 LED Display ADDON

7 segment 3 digit displays
$15 AUD for red, green or yellow
$18 AUD for blue.

7 segment 2 digit displays
$15 AUD for red
The displays come with Cable and amtel board and spacer, please state what radio when ordering so you get the correct display spacer

Parts you will need to supply
Strong Double Sided tape
A few small Cable ties

Tools you will need to install the CB40
Phillips head screw driver
Soldering iron
Solder sucker
De-solder braid/wick
Wire Cutters
Hot melt glue gun and hot melt glue sticks

You must state if its for a PC122 or a Pearce Simpson ST901, or just a normal CB40 for all other radios, the CB40 for the 2 radios mentioned need to have all the wires hard wired instead of header pins due to the limited amount of space in these 2 radios.

The Kit

  • CB40 v2 in a custom 3D printed case.
  • Encoder on a custom board
  • OLED screen (0.96" 128X64 White OLED I2C IIC Serial LCD LED SSD Display SSD1306)
  • Encoder Cable
  • OLED Cable
  • Power Cable
  • PLL cables
  • Scan Cable

No Warranty Given
  • On the OLED screen if you brake it or burn it out from getting the wires wrong way around.
  • On the CB40 v2 if you damage it or burn it out due to wiring it wrong. or you in anyway try to modify the CB40 v2 in any way thats not been instructed by the designer.

CB40 v2 will be tested and have the latest firmware at time of shipping

Here is a list of PLL's that will work with the CB40 v2, there are others we havent tested as yet that could work.

PLL02A - 1st Gen
uPD858 - SSB
uPD2812C - SSB
CB5479 - SHARP
LC7113 - SSB
LC7131 - SSB
MB8719 - 11.1125
MB8719 - 11.3258
NDC40013 - SSB
HD42851 - SSB
SM5104 - SSB
TC5080/81 SSB
uPD2816 - SSB
uPD2824 - SSB
uPD861 - Realistic
uPD861 - Panasonic
uPD861 - Superscope
Motorola - MC145106


  • When ordering you must state type of encoder, is it spline shaft or D shaft, long or short, also if your going to install the unit into a PC122, tell the seller this as the CB40 for the PC122 has to have all cables hard wired to the CB40, as space in the PC122 is limited to sweet fuck all.
  • Please note that the screen will not be seen behind dark red defusers on the radio, you need to remove the red or green window, please also read the FAQ before you buy.
  • If your not sure if your confident enough to install this kit get a tech to install it for you, Contact Ray at Razor Radios Ray at Razor Radios to get a quote on installing the CB40 v2 into your radio.
  • Please use contact email address to let the seller know what post code your from so they can give you a price on postage

CB40 v2 / Install PDF files
« on: March 21, 2020, 03:11:47 PM »
Install PDF files

CB40 Pro PLL / CB40 Pro Setup guides and firmware updates
« on: September 15, 2019, 09:51:02 AM »

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