Philips FM 900 Info page
UHF CB Programming files for FM92L (Local) FM92R (Remote) FM91R (Remote).
These files cover the 3 different VCO's for this radio U 440-470, W1 470-500, W2 500-520, there are 9 files all up that have 93 channels in them, they cover the 80ch 12.5kc band, and there are another 9 files that have 48 channels with 25kc.

now read the READ.ME.txt file in each rar file and it will tell you all the info out whats been programmed into that file
12.5kc 92L 92R 91R  
U-Band 80CB92LU.rar 80CB92RU.rar 80CH91RU.rar  
W1-Band 80CH92LW.rar 80CB92RW.rar 80CBC91R.rar  
W2-Band 80CB92L2.rar 80CH92R2.rar 80CH91R2.rar  
25kc 92L 92R 91R