Retro Radio DX Clubs web site

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Welcome to the Retro Radio DX Clubs web site

First of all you have to be a member of the CB Radio Times in Australia Facebook group to become a member.

Once you become a member of CB Radio Times in Australia you then download the Retro Radio DX Group XXth Edition.txt file from the groups Files section on facebook not here, Once you have done that look at all the people and there Retro Radio Call signs and find one that's not being used by any other member.

Once you have done that Contact Dave Burke in the group by PM let him know you have a RR call sign you want and he will Add you to the list its that simple.

Link to the Up to date Retro Radio Members List HERE

Just remember if you leave the group you leave the RR club

Retro Radio Club Rules

The rules are simple when using the Retro Radio Club Call sign you use on radio, treat all other radio operators with the same respect, no going off like a loud mouth abusing people and using the callsign of RRxxx or you will be striped from being in the club.

we use 16lsb as 35 can be a nightmare, but thats not a rule you can use any channel as long as its inside the 40chs use, no using it out of band.

You also have live in Australia or New Zealand to be a member.