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Beta Testing of the CB40
« on: October 07, 2018, 11:28:51 PM »
CB40 Beta Testing.

Getting down to the wire here, i have 10 CB40 kits in the post to me to install into 10 radios. so exciting its become, allot of work by the designer and time and shit loads of fuck fuck fuck, and recoding, and re doing coding and bug removal, its now down to Beta testing.

Now if all goes well next month is the release of the CB40 for sale.

i feel lucky to be able to test these kits.

there are ten kits packed and ready to be posted to me, should get them some time next week.

as i install them in different radios i will be posting photos and videos so you guys can see how its tracking, and i hope all goes well and a early release for next month.....

I have my work cut out and this will be fun.

The Ten radios being used, not in that order.

Ferris 5000      UPD858 PLL       SUCCESS (Done)
Ferris 5500      UPD858 PLL       SUCCESS (Done)
TRC 449          UPD858 PLL       SUCCESS (Done)
PC 122            UPD2824 PLL     SUCCESS (Done)
Thorn 1503      NDC 02A PLL     SUCCESS (Done)
Uniden Washington MB8719 PLL SUCCESS (Done)

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