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CB40LR stands for LED Rings or Light Rings, these do the same as the USA version known as Nitro Rings

what they do is gives you back lighting behind your radios control knobs and best notice at night or in a darken environment like a car or room.

these are not a direct copy of the Nitro Rings from the USA as we haven't had a close up look at one only what is in photos in google.

these will have 3 small SMD leds and one resister and power wires, they will be very thin about 1.2mm thick, so to almost fit behind any bezel, that can be removed from a radio.

the first run of 2.500 light rings are on order, and we await for them in the post.

These will be much cheaper then what you pay for in the USA, this is the reason we made them as everything is over price from over seas, what makes these much cheaper is the design and that they boards will be populated here in Australia by the designer thus keeping the costs down. low overheads low price.

here is what the USA version looks like this is just a google photo

Safe to say you could buy 2 of our rings for just under the price of just one from the USA.

will be adding more news soon, here are 2 photos of the prototype rings first was a mock up to see what needs to be done and the 2nd is what has been ordered.

here is what i did to one of my Presedent Adams, i used LED strips, messy job lol but you can see the effect

End result this is the messy way around doing it, using the Light rings/LED rings we design will give you the same effect around the knobs.

Light Ring/LED Ring colors might be

* White
* Blue
* Green
* Red
* Orange
* Purple

an update ofn the CB40LR ala led ring/light rings.

the first lot of prototypes have arived and peter had been playing with them seeing whats the best resisters to use for maximum brigned and not over heating them or killing them.

they ar shitloads brighter then the photo as peters new phone dims down the brightness so it can take the photo for best effect.

here is a video of the colors ignore how dim they look, as they are bright


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