Author Topic: CB40A v1 has been discontinued support will still be available  (Read 185 times)

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CB40A v1 has been discontinued, as the new CB40 v2  will soon be on sale in its place so keep an eye out for when the CB40A v2 will be on sale.

for you that own a CB40A v1 we are still here to help you with support if you need it.

its been a year from the birth of the CB40 and around 100 units have been sold, and it has been a success, so now its time to upgrade the CB40 with a new version known as CB40 v2, there has been a complete re design and more features.

We can still supply you with Parts for the CB40 if you need them


OLED screen
PLL cable
Scan Cable
Power Cable
Encoder Cable
OLED cable
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