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* Q. Were do i go to buy one of these kits ?.
* A. you can get one of the kits in 2 ways email (email pending) or join Radio Communications Classifieds (Australia & New Zealand) on Facebook and by one from there.
* Q. Will this work on a 40 channel radio ?.
* A. NO it was designed to work as a replacement for all old 18 and 23  channel PLL radios that dont have a 7 segment LED readout, but if you want to disassemble the housing you can make it fit a 40 channel radio.
* Q. Will this work with my extra channels in my Radio ?.
* A. NO the CB40A will not work with a radio with extra channels.
* Q. Can you re program the CB40A for extra channels
* A. NO .
* Q. is it Legal to install this into my radio.
* A. Yes its all legal as it only gives you 40 channels, no channels out side of the 40 and no in between channels.
* Q. I am not sure if im able to do his what the best thing to do ?.
* A. If your not confident to do the install you can contact a tech to install it for you.
* Q. Is it ok if i change the CB40A Programming ?.
* A. Its yours once you have paid for it you can do as you please, but any modifying of the CB40 in any way will void any warranty it may have, your best not tampering with it, install it as its meant to and enjoy it.
* Q. Will this work on an old Crystal 23 channel radio ?.
* A. NO its been designed to work with PLL radios not crystal.
* Q. What radio will this work in ?.
* A. Meany radios in the 100s but the best way to correctly tell you is the PLL it will work with and they are (PLL02A, uPD858,  uPD861, HD42851, LC7113, LC7131, MB8719, NDC40013, SM5104, TC5080/81, uPD2812C, uPD2816, uPD2824 and any 6,7 or 8 bit Binary or BCD PLL's with normal 40 channel selector mapping (US FCC 40 channels) or sequential (for ROM PLL's) in either up or down count N Code from 0 to 511.)
* Q. If i decide to return my radio back to stock can i install the CB40A into another radio even if its not of the same pll ?.
* A.Yes you can as long as the PLL is in the list of plls its design to work with.
* Q. Will i have to modify my radio, cut the bezel or the framework behind it ?.
* A. NO its designed to fit in were the channel dial was.
* Q. If i run into problems is there someone i can contact for help ?.
* A. Yes if you have any problems you can contact help using this email address  or ask in the forum or Cb Radio Times in Austrzalia message Bill Anson
* Q. I have lost/misplaced my install PDF were can i get another copy ?.
* A. Sorry to hear that, if you need a replacement install PDF you can download it from this link
* Q. i Just got my CB40A kit in the mail and some parts are missing who do i contact ?.
* Q. Bugga, you can get in contact by using this email (
* Q. What other parts do i need to install the kit
* A.

* Parts you will need to supply
* Strong Double Sided tape
* A few small Cable ties
* .
* Tools you will need to install the CB40
* Phillips head screw driver
* Soldering iron
* Solder sucker
* De-solder braid/wick
* Wire Cutters
* Solder
* Multi Meter
* Hot melt glue gun and glue stick


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